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Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

There’s a bit of folk wisdom that calcium is lost from the teeth of pregnant women during pregnancy. Thankfully, this myth is just that — a myth. It is a useful warning to expectant mothers, however, that they may experience some changes in their oral health because of their pregnancy and the accompanying surge of hormones. In particular, gum tissues may respond differently to plaque, and women with gingivitis are likely to see their condition worsen during pregnancy. Increases in the hormones ... Read more
Protect Your Teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: What You Need to Know

For many who are well into adulthood now, having wisdom teeth removed during adolescence was considered somewhat of a rite of passage. Though the removal of wisdom teeth while young is a relatively common practice, few know why that is, or what the potential consequences are of waiting to have them removed. What Are Wisdom Teeth? Located in the very back of the mouth, your wisdom teeth are the last four teeth to break through the gums. Their development and arrival can ... Read more