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That Hollywood Smile

Dental Services That Will Have Your Smile Red-Carpet Ready

The 88th Academy Awards will be held on February 28. Viewers everywhere will tune in to see if their favorite actors, actresses, directors, and other cinematic professionals will win their Oscars. But when it comes to watching the Academy Awards, finding out who gets the big wins is only part of the fun. Watching who comes with who and seeing who wears what is a large part of what makes the Oscars worth throwing a party or friendly gathering for. Year after ... Read more
Nothing is sweeter than a healthy smile

Four DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Nothing Is Sweeter Than a Healthy Smile Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can leave many parents feeling conflicted. Anything that gives you an excuse to spoil your kiddos with gifts and tell them how much you love them is a welcome retreat from the daily grind of handing out chores and pushing through homework. One daily parenting task that commonly elicits dread is convincing your children to brush their teeth. Every parent knows how important their children’s oral health is, and ... Read more
Green Your Health Routine

Nine Tips for Oral Health Care That’s Earth Friendly

With spring in the air and Earth Day reminding us of how lucky we are to live on such a beautiful, lush planet, many of us are reflecting on what we can do to protect the natural beauty that surrounds us and how we can conserve. On a daily basis, we can make a difference by doing big things like planting trees and volunteering to clean up waste in our local communities. But we can also make a big difference by ... Read more